Planters removed on 8th St. ahead of revamp

 Planters and flowers have been removed along 8th St

Planters and flowers have been removed along 8th St

The Capital City Development Corporation has removed planters along the section of 8th Street it controls from Main St. to Bannock St.  The planters were removed in April.

What will replace them isn't yet decided, according to CCDC officials.  Hanging pots, smaller ground-anchored pots and other ideas are being tossed around.

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The large grey concrete planters were moved to other locations around downtown.  CCDC felt that the pots had become a place where trash and cigarette butts collected - and they were taking up chunks of sidewalk space that might be used better by pedestrians.  Officials even sent along two photos that they say show problematic use.

A full revamp of the street is planned, which officials say will happen after public feedback. Ideas like festival lighting and more are being considered, according to documents shown in CCDC public meetings.

CCDC says plants and flowers will be a part of that process.  For now, the street will remain flower and planter free.

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